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Equipping Christian Leaders in Southern Africa
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Two young leaders

Your involvement - Please

The current economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe has made it impossible for the local church to support their leaders.  For now, the Nyamutoras will have to depend on financial assistance from the US church.

Equipping Leaders

The greatest need for churches in Zimbabwe is leadership development. The church leaders are the key people who bring positive changes within and around the church.

It is with this hope that I start a Church leadership ministry to grow leaders who love the Lord and who also would love to develop their leadership skills.

In this Leadership Ministry, the churches will grow in spirit, in numbers, in planting new churches and in our influence within and beyond our nation.

I believe the church's role within any nation is to be influential by being salt and light within the reality of the world in which people live.
--Fanny Nyamutora


New land for the ministry, 16acres,
Multi-purpose building, Church Hall, Classrooms, Seminar & Workshop Rooms